LG Commercial Air Conditioning have manufactured air conditioning systems that can heat at 4.47 kilowatts and cool the air temperature at 4.71 kilowatts, in one compact unit. Q18UHM window wall air conditioning systems feature a simple remote control, defrost deice control, touch type panel and a 12 hour on/off time setting.

A four way air deflection system allows air to flow horizontally and vertically through the use of adjustable front louvres, while auto swing allows constant air circulation from side to side.

Grooved copper tubing has been used in the Q18UHM window wall air conditioning systems as it provides a more effective and efficient cooler or heating. A slide out chassis allows for easy installation, and eliminates the need to remove the entire unit during maintenance and cleaning.

LG air conditioning systems have been recognised by governing bodies to reduce allergens and provide cleaner air. Window wall air conditioning systems feature an allergy reduction filter which breaks down allergens as they pass through the filter.