LG Commercial Air Conditioning  (LG CAC) has developed a new rewards program, Team LG, as part of their new dealer agreement. The rewards program will help to strengthen LG’s position within the commercial air conditioning market.

Based on a target system, all LG CAC dealers are automatically included in the rewards program where every processed sales transaction helps the dealers to achieve their target goal. This also offers them the opportunity to be awarded one of LG CAC’s funded overseas trips or a high performance bonus.

Ian Robertson, General Manager of LG Commercial Air Conditioning Australia recognises the importance of rewarding LG’s key partners.

“LG is committed to growing its specialist air conditioning business and we understand that in order for us to do this, one of the most important steps is recognising our valued customers. By doing so, we’re acknowledging and rewarding customers for their efforts and building a successful business partnership for everyone,” said Mr Robertson.

A recent trip to South Africa was organised by LG CAC to recognise its top air conditioning dealers and contractors.

A large group of air conditioning contractors and dealers were hosted by LG CAC in South Africa for a 5-day tour, offering the opportunity to discover the beauty and culture of the country. The air conditioning dealers and contractors enjoyed a variety of traditional activities designed to showcase the best of South Africa including wildlife safari tours, traditional drumming demonstrations and a visit to the cosmopolitan city sights of Johannesburg.

“The trip allows the LG team to get to know our clients and gain valuable insight into how we can help improve their business – as well as our own. South Africa is an amazing destination and this trip is another example of how LG makes ‘life good’ for our customers”, Mr Robertson continued.

Air conditioning dealers who join the LG network now have the full support of the LG CAC management team, which is a new addition to the new dealer agreement. The air conditioning Dealers are guaranteed a high level of support and open channels of communication to ensure business with LG CAC is easier and more efficient.