Multi V outdoor air conditioning units are available from LG Commercial Air Conditioning .

Multi V SYNC II features simultaneous heating and cooling with one outdoor unit. The outdoor air conditioning unit provides optimum environmental conditions regardless of season or space.

Features of the Multi V SYNC II outdoor air conditioning units include:

  • Advanced mode change 
  • Auto changeover 
  • Convenient free zoning 
  • Excellent multiple HR unit 
  • Heating and cooling synchronous operation 
  • Fast response of mode change 
  • Flexible connection of HR unit 
  • High efficiency heat recovery unit 
  • Long piping length
  • Wide operation range
Multi V SPACE II air conditioning units provide economic and aesthetic space design solutions for high rise apartment applications. The outdoor air conditioning unit is especially suitable for balconies, as they do not generate hot air.

Features of Multi V SPACE II outdoor air conditioners include:

  • 4-step modularised design 
  • Fan RPM control 
  • Front suction and front discharge 
  • Quiet operation and low vibration