LG Commercial Air Conditioning  has been making significant changes to how it does business Since Ian Robertson joined as General Manager.

LG Commercial Air Conditioning is investing in a new approach to its products and services to better support its dealers and commercial contractors.

LG Commercial Air Conditioning’s order and delivery process has been streamlined to make it simpler and faster for dealers and commercial contractors to get the products that they need.

The dealers and commercial contractors now have easier access to sales, product and technical support as LG has recruited experts with high level air conditioning knowledge.

LG’s commercial air conditioning product range has also been improved. It is quieter, more energy efficient, easier to install, and more reliable.

Another change has been the availability of training workshops through LG’s Air Conditioning Academies. These Air Conditioning Academies provide short courses on commercial air conditioning products and technological innovations worldwide.

The dealer program has been reviewed to give more reasons and benefits to join the program.

Ian Robertson is keen to hear feedback from LG CAC customers.