LevantaPark installed an OMER Totalmove 30L car lift at the new Novotel Hotel in central Melbourne to provide an efficient car parking solution.

Featuring a simple but robust design, the Totalmove car lift moves cars between the three floors quickly and safely, maximising the use of available space.

LevantaPark assisted Novotel’s architect with the required design specs, before project managing the installation of the car lift. Recommended particularly for projects with space limitations, the Totalmove 30L features an extremely compact design, and doesn't require additional space on the sides or above and below.

Totalmove can carry weights up to 3 tonnes to a height of up to 16 metres with multiple stops, and no overrun required. The car lift can also carry a person on board the vehicle in complete safety.

Seamlessly installed at Novotel, the car lift has helped increase parking capacity on each floor to about 40-50 vehicles since there’s no need to accommodate bulky concrete ramps. Construction costs were also reduced considerably since the need for excavation was greatly minimised.