Advanced vehicle parking lifts from LevantaPark complement the cutting-edge Mercedes-Benz dealership in Brisbane, which opened its doors last August.

Completed by Tier One builder John Holland Group, Mercedes-Benz Brisbane’s new ‘Autohaus’ is part of the Lei Shing Hong Group, one of the world’s largest dealer groups for Mercedes-Benz passenger vehicles as well as for Caterpillar hydraulic excavators. 

The Autohaus features a full service Mercedes-Benz dealership, service centre and museum, along with shops, restaurants and a riverside rooftop function centre. Its architecturally impressive design showcases five storeys of Mercedes-Benz vehicles in the glass-fronted façade.

The $100+ million world-class project located in the beautiful Breakfast Creek precinct features two of LevantaPark’s advanced vehicle lifts, which have been installed to enhance customer experience when moving and accessing vehicles.

LevantaPark installed a custom-designed hydraulically driven car elevator to transport cars throughout the building, and allow Mercedes-Benz clients to access any of the available vehicle range – from every floor of the building – and easily take the car for a test drive.

With inner cabin dimensions of 6.5m x 2.6m x 2.8m high and a capacity rated at 4.5-5 tonnes, the lift has been specifically designed to take even the largest, heaviest vehicles in the Mercedes-Benz range.

Key features of the custom designed LevantaPark car lift include 5-stop hydraulic powered operation; remarkable travel distance of 23 metres, travelling at 0.6 metres per second; lift supported by world-class Bucher hydraulics; and a heavy duty galvanised checker plate floor, stainless steel panelling for walls and ceiling, and LED lighting in the interiors.

Safety features in the lift include fire-rated entry and exit doors, vehicle positioning safety sensors, air ventilation capable of moving 2,000 litres a second, and four full-length passenger interface panels that can be operated from inside the vehicle. Passengers can easily select floors using the interface, and in the case of an emergency dial out to four separate lines. The speakers are installed in close proximity to ensure high sound quality in the event of an emergency.

The lift is controlled by a bespoke PLC interface with power fed to the motors by two large variable speed drives that allow the lift to work to maximum efficiency with minimum power usage.

The second car lift, a Rex Gold scissor lift system from the LevantaPark range, transports vehicles between the ground floor and the Mercedes-Benz museum occupying the building’s entire basement.

Protected by two fully rated fire doors, the Rex Gold offers the durability, reliability, and ease-of-use sought by Mercedes-Benz. It uses a pantograph or scissor lifting system to serve up to 4.10 metres, with a capacity up to 4 tonnes. Since the Rex Gold doesn’t need to have weight distributed evenly over the entire platform, Mercedes-Benz can utilise it as a goods lift as well.

LevantaPark helps set the standard for car dealerships

LevantaPark technical consultant Daniel Parker said, “The Mercedes-Benz Autohaus project is the first of its kind in Australia. At LevantaPark we’re excited to help complete this state-of-the-art project for Brisbane.

“This facility will set a new benchmark for automotive dealerships in Australia. LevantaPark is proud to have been selected by a prestige, quality brand such as Mercedes-Benz to help develop their Autohaus.”