In space-constrained urban environments, architects are often challenged when it comes to incorporating car parking spaces in their design.

Car stackers are an increasingly popular way of multiplying available car spaces in commercial and residential developments. Automatic parking system specialist LevantaPark lists out six benefits of car parking stackers in building design.

1 Park more cars in less space

As the term suggests, car park stackers can double or even triple the number of cars that can park in a single conventional car space. Car stackers offer a smart solution to crowded Australian cities already struggling to cope with the demands of traffic by providing a way to get more cars off the street.

2 Increase ROI and improve property values

That commercial tenancies with more car parking space will be valued higher is a no-brainer. Car stackers can be an excellent way to future-proof any new property development. Commercial businesses and residential towers that have installed parking stackers have already seen their property values increase substantially.

3 A low maintenance parking solution

Car stackers are designed to operate for extended periods of time without maintenance. LevantaPark recommends the OMER brand of car stackers, a highly reliable range with extremely low maintenance requirement. OMER car stackers have an excellent track record in delivering reliability, underpinned by a 10-year warranty.

4 A cost-effective way to increase parking capacity

The ‘parking multiplier’ effect of car stackers offers a more sensible solution for addressing parking space demands in a development than the usual but more expensive alternative of excavating deeper and deeper underground to provide enough space for ramps, spaces and aisles. Car stackers are also surprisingly easy to install, and won’t cost as much as a conventional car park development.

5 Safe for the general public to use

When first introduced about a decade ago, car stackers were viewed with suspicion by the people who actually had to use them – the public. Not anymore, thanks to the amount of R&D that has gone into car parking stackers over the years, resulting in a completely safe, practical and user-friendly system.

6 A secure way to park and store vehicles

Car stackers keep cars safe from vandalism or theft. Since the car is held securely up in the air or underground in a pit, there’s physically no way for it to be accessed.

Consult with LevantaPark about how car parking stackers could work with your design. The LevantaPark team can help you select the ideal car stacker for your building’s specific requirements.