LevantaPark has been confirmed as the successful designer of a custom parking system for the exciting new Bond Quarter residential development in Melbourne’s Spencer Street.

Located just 2 km from the Melbourne CBD, the development will feature 105 architecturally designed apartments that will require parking for 79 vehicles.

As a luxury inner-city development featuring high quality fixtures and finishes throughout, Bond Quarter called for an equally outstanding solution for vehicle storage.

Restricted space calls for clever parking design

Working within a site that was just 30 metres wide and 30 metres deep presented LevantaPark with an interesting design challenge. A conventional car parking setup (that would need to use much of the available space for ramps), would simply not have been possible within the site.

Additionally, the residential tower development’s design would preserve the building’s two storey heritage façade. That meant LevantaPark’s design had to work within the confines of the old building.

LevantaPark’s design team went to work to create a high density car parking design that would work efficiently within the developer’s available space.

A custom designed auto car parking system

LevantaPark designed a custom 6 level automatic car stacker that would easily accommodate the required 79 cars underground.

The layout incorporated a vehicle turntable to move cars easily in and out of the limited space. From there, drivers will park their vehicles onto a pallet parking system, which uses an elevator to safely and securely store the vehicle in its allotted space.

Designing for a residential building parking system meant minimising car retrieval time was a crucial requirement. LevantaPark achieved this goal with a retrieval time of only 120-150 seconds.

Contact us for a custom parking design to meet your needs

LevantaPark’s design not only met the physical requirements of the brief, but could also be completed within the developers’ timeline. The Bond Quarter project is now under construction and scheduled for completion in late 2017.

To find out how LevantaPark can design and build custom vehicle lift systems for your project, visit their website by clicking here.