LevantaPark car stackers helped enhance the usability and value of a new development by increasing the parking space capacity for staff. The developer of the site at Ashgrove in Brisbane’s inner north was able to quickly lease the building to a suitable tenant following the installation.

The developer of this suburban medical clinic building had the challenging task of creating more parking spaces to make the lease more viable for a future tenant. Seeking an easy-to-use solution that would increase their available parking spaces, they engaged LevantaPark, whose consultants visited the site within 48 hours to scope the project, double-check measurements, and come up with a suitable solution.

Following the inspection, LevantaPark’s consultants recommended the Bipark 26 car stacker as the ideal solution for the development. Rated to 2.6 tonnes, the Bipark 26 could comfortably handle the type of vehicles that the staff would park onsite. 

The Bipark 26 is a user-friendly solution for potential tenants to use with minimal instruction. Its low profile, shorter platforms offer improved turning circles from the aisle onto the platform, allowing ease-of-use and assisting with traffic flow and the building’s traffic management plan.

LevantaPark also showed examples of similar completed projects, convincing the developer that the company could successfully execute the stacker installation.

LevantaPark installed a total of 8 Bipark 26 car stackers to boost the building’s parking capacity, enabling the developer to lease the building to their satisfaction.

Clever stacker design allows straightforward installation

Bipark 26 is designed with stacker posts that cause no increased point load, eliminating any need for engineering changes or special footing requirements to be installed in the existing building.

The Bipark’s foot spreads the load of the stacker and vehicles out, which meant a standard commercial grade 25mpa concrete (not special 600mm trenches or similar) was all that was needed for installation.

The developer was very pleased with the ease of installation and rapid response from LevantaPark.

Consult with LevantaPark about how car stackers can multiply your site’s parking space, and help improve the usability of your building project.