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    Bipark: Car stacker without a pit

    The ever-popular Bipark is the simple, very user-friendly way to double your parking space. A compact double car stacker, the Bipark system lifts cars smoothly and quickly into position – and doesn’t need a pit to operate. The first vehicle is simply parked on the platform and lifted up to a height of 1.8 metres, allowing another vehicle to be parked underneath.

    With a lift capacity of 2.6 tonnes, the Bipark platform will accommodate vehicles of all types, from new generation 4WDs and SUVs to low clearance sports cars. The overall compactness of Bipark minimises the required space, allowing several vehicles to be parked in a relatively small area.

    Bipark stacker features:

    • Short platform – While it’s long enough to fit any vehicle that meets maximum weight and height requirements, the Bipark platform is designed to be as short as possible. This means it’s easy for the users to get onto the stacker, and also offers a more uninhibited turning circle in your building’s basement or parking area. Ultimately, this clever design can improve yield on small and tight blocks.
    • Lower profile sides – The platform’s leading edge tapers away to almost nothing, and stays as low as possible for most of the platform length. This helps everyday users to load their car onto the platform, by allowing vehicle skirts and fenders to swing over the edge of the platform during parking.
    • Flat parking platforms – Bipark’s perfectly flat deck makes exiting, entering, and walking off the platform far easier – especially for open shoes, small feet, high heels (or anyone really).
    • Minimum gap between platforms of 1.8m – This is nearly 5cm more than the average Australian’s height. It means most people can exit their car without worrying about hitting their head.
    • Ultra-smooth vibration free lifting – It means Bipark is the only stacker that Formula One teams will use (since F1 cars have no handbrake and the wheel can’t be chocked since it damages the tyre). This also offers you peace-of-mind if the user forgets to apply the handbrake.
    • Torsion bar – Maintains a level lift regardless of how the vehicle is loaded or its position on the platform, whether you’re parking a front-heavy Volvo or an evenly balanced Mercedes-Benz.
    • Asymmetric loading – Bipark can accommodate a 60/40 loading, which allows the end user to either drive on or reverse on to the platform.


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