Lend Lease  provides world-class expertise and experience in a range of skills applied to service relationships tailored to customers' requirements. Lend Lease offers a wide range of services that are categorised in to design, engineering, procurement management, construction management, design management, program and project management

Lend Lease skills can be connected collectively to provide an incorporated real estate solutions. Lend Lease provides consulting for the capital process and a complete service together with managing and coordinating all design, procurement and construction activities. In the United Kingdom, Lend Lease can provide this service through a specialist business unit called Lend Lease Projects in program and project management service.

Lend Lease provides construction management where every technical and administrative management services function effectively by managing and planning the project from the start stage till the final closeout. Lend Lease can also incorporate design and construction into one cohesive process through a single point of accountability.

Lend Lease utilises traditional design-bid-build techniques.Owner's representative and staff extension from Lend Lease operates in a recommended role by providing sufficient data and assists in communicative policy and project objectives.