Yamaha’s A-S2000 two-channel amplifier and the CD-S2000 Disc Player are available from Len Wallis Audio .

The Amplifier — A-S2000
Yamaha have opted to depart from the older pure complementary amplifier designs, but was not inclined to go for the new digital type circuits.

By following the principle of fully balanced transmission (better control of noise, better shielding from interference) throughout the amplifier (not just for the CD input) Yamaha have achieved a combination of strength and signal purity.

This ‘third way’ is an entirely new ‘floating and balanced power amp’ which permits fully balanced transmission all the way from the input jack to just before the speaker output.

To maintain these benefits the pre-amp section also had to be designed with such additional aspects as converting the unbalanced RCA inputs to balanced within the pre-amp.

Volume and tone controls have also been broadly redesigned to achieve highly precise and synchronous control. The resulting amplifier drives speakers effortlessly and with good definition.

Bass control is good, and both midrange and treble show a lovely presence, smoothness and spaciousness.

The Disc Player — CD-S2000

The benefits of balanced interconnect have been well known for ages. The lower noise floor, better shielding and livelier signal transmission are all self-recommending.

Yamaha have gone to a lot of additional design effort to extend the fully balanced principles to all the circuits in the player, which can be modified.

From the special double conversion DAC, the signals are converted to fully balanced and remain that way right through to the outputs, which can also be fully balanced.

The CD-S2000 Disc Player, available from Len Wallis Audio, has a silent loader and a reliable brushless spindle motor. Even the disc tray is an ideal aluminium model. There are separate power supplies for the analogue circuits and for the digital circuits.

For optimum analogue output there is a Pure Direct switch, which shuts down the digital outputs and the front panel display.

Adjustable feet ensure a firm and level placement, and magnetic inserts in the middle of each foot can be removed to reveal spikes for better vibration dispersion.