Radio remains a popular part of many home installations and distributed music systems.

Radio reception can be tricky in some buildings or near certain other equipments.

AM is ruined by various electromagnetic radiation (these days particularly Plasma screens) and sometimes by apartment building structures, such as those with steel frames.

Concrete reinforcement mesh can also play havoc with both AM and FM.

Having a radio receiver which can be located away from these problems but still comes under the control of the house system is a distinct benefit.

This is what the Sherbourn T100 offers. Sherbourn T100 has RS232 interface via CAT5 cable and can be easily integrated into a keypad control system while it is attached up in the attic rafters where reception is good. The design has been optimised for better signal acquisition rather than all the other bits which most radios have to have.

The T100 tuner has a twelve volt power supply, effectively acts as its own AM/FM antenna, and offers the option of remotely locating the unit away from any interference resulting in a significant improvement in performance.

The T100 tuner’s CAT5 connection, carrying the RS232 information, enables a smooth integration it into any preamp/ keypad system. In addition to giving keypad-access to selected AM or FM stations, the T100 will automatically seek and store the strongest stations in each geographic listening area.

The chassis measures 6" x 4" x 1.5" and includes a front panel LED frequency read-out and key-slots for attachment to attic beams. For consumers wanting local control of the tuner functions the T100 tuner includes an IR sensor and a handheld remote control.

The T100 tuner is available from Len Wallis Audio.