The Audio Physic Scorpio from Len Wallis Audio adds bass weight and dynamics to the tried and true formula of Audio Physic speakers. It is available in an impressive slim and elegant cabinet to get down to 30Hz bass response that articulate musical performance that they are noted for in the treble and midrange. People who buy these are usually after the live excitement, the performers present and on a wide, deep stage.

Audio Physic speakers are designed with a narrow front baffle, having the bass drivers side-mounted, and with a 7-degree tilt to the rear to time-align the tweeter and midrange. Each Audio Physic Scorpio uses four 178 mm (7-inch) woofers in a back-to-back complementary fashion. On the front baffle, two midrange drivers and one tweeter are present.

The midrange drivers are isolated from the rest of the cabinet within the sub-enclosure. Cabinets are strongly braced to minimise the vibrations and to ensure that only the drivers themselves are producing the sound. The feet have adjustable spikes for stability and vibration damping. The finishes are of a high standard too. The timber veneers include natural cherry, light or dark maple and rose nut. These speakers enhance the surroundings. They are 91dBSPL efficient, 4Ω impedance and measure 1100 × 204 × 390mm (HWD). Amplification of 25–200 watts is recommended.