SplashLite illuminated glass splash backs, from LedFX are edge lit with light emitting diodes. They can be in slumped or smooth finish and are suitable for kitchens, bar fronts, receptions, etc.

SplashLites are made to order to suit your fitout and, being edge lit, they only require the same space to fit as normal splash backs. No rear access is required.

They have a long life, running 60,000 hours or more. That’s years of continuous use. As with all LED products, they are environmentally friendly. They contain no mercury or sodium.

Solid State electronic light sources (Light Emitting Diodes) require no maintenance and are very easy to install.

They run on an extra low voltage of 12 volts, with low to zero heat radiation and no UV emissions. They are also moisture and impact resistant.

The available colours are: white, blue, red, green, yellow, warm white and full colour.

Australian Patent Number 2002100435