LedStar Luminaire is a new products to be added to the Eco-LED lighting range from LedFX.

LedStar Luminaire is highly suitable for any commercial or residential lighting design; from bar fronts, hotels and resturants, to reception areas, to illuminated wall features and splashbacks.

This ultra thin (15mm to 23mm thick) panel is edge lit with LED Lights and is available in a smooth or textured surface. LedFX offers LedStar Luminaire in a natural anodized or black frame with 4.5mm clear acrylic face.

There is no rear access required, as the face is held on magnetically, so it enables easy access for installation by removing the face with a suction cup.

The edge lit LED lighting panel is offered in single colours or for that extra effect the panels can be optimized with full RGB, controlled by a remote. The remote controller has 4 separate modes. It allows the LED lighting colours to change, fade, flash or be paused on the colour of your choice.

The advantages of using LedStar Luminaire with LED lights:

  • LED lights are energy efficient
  • LED Lights have a long life, running 60,000 hours or more.
  • All LedFX LED lights are environmentally friendly.
  • LED Lights contain no mercury or sodium.
  • Solid State electronic light sources (Light Emitting Diodes) require no maintenance and are easy to install.
  • LED Lights run on an extra low voltage of 12 volts, with low to zero heat radiation and no UV emissions.
  • LED lighting products are also moisture and impact resistant.
  • LedStar Luminaire is available colours are: white, blue, red, green, yellow, warm white or full RGB.

LedStar Luminaire is made to order to suit your customised fitout to accommodate your décor and to achieve that new contemporary look.