Leda-Vannaclip  have developed a surface mounted road blocker and boom gate kit for car park entrances and exits. The unit has the standard Leda 100% duty cycle boom gate plus the new surface mounted road blocker.

According to Chris McCartin, Manger, Leda-Vannaclip, most car parks will use standard boom gates but in Australia, a higher level of security is being requested. Visually, the blocker or Bifold gates are good deterrent to people doing the wrong thing. If that is not enough, then Leda Vannaclip also install impact rated product used for Government locations.

Surface road blocker from Leda-Vannaclip operates in three seconds inline with standard boom gates and is variable in width. Leda Vannaclip recommend accompanying boom gates as drivers are used to transiting entry and exits with such equipment.

Road blockers and retractable bollards when lowering can drop below the driver’s vision which on rare occasions could mean a hurrying driver may start off early and hit the equipment. The boom gate minimises the risk of a collision.