Leda-Vannaclip  is a bollard manufacturer that has reportedly had a number of clients looking into how to provide relevant signage that does not clutter the visual aesthetics of a streetscape.

According to Leda, the compromise for signage is to mount parking signage on a bollard. Leda signage bollards are 900mm high, so largely ignored by pedestrians yet can be seen by drivers assuming the bollard is next to the road or the space is vacant.

Leda signage bollards may not be suitable for every street, but provide a solution for streets with visual importance. Pedestrian precincts such as central plaza’s or older parts of town are examples where the visual appeal of the area is the overriding objective as opposed to driver convenience.

Leda signage bollards are about to be installed in a major Sydney plaza and there is reported interest in other municipalities.

Leda have also contributed to the security aspects of another design for a Sydney bollard, which will be installed at some sites in Sydney over the next few months. The signage bollard is available in both stainless and painted finishes.