The Architects for the project required a product that not only incorporated physical barrier properties, but also maintain a level of aesthetics that would encompass the heritage architecture of the Supreme Court building in Perth.

As it turned out, the Cairo design pre-cast concrete bollard, available from Leda-Vannaclip , proved to be the solution the architects were looking for and in addition, heavy duty galvanised chain was utilised between the bollards to assist in the management of pedestrian and vehicle traffic flow.

The installation of the bollards involved a three stage process, with the first stage incorporating installation of 80NB Heavy Duty galvanised pipe into independent footings that would later insert into the pre-cored access at the bottom of the Cairo bollards.

Maintaining a smooth level finish to the top of the footings, for this stage, would prove to be significant when it came to installing the Cairo bollards.

The second stage of the installation including the placement of the bollards, utilising an engine hoist, onto the fixed in-situ pipe and adhering the pre-cast concrete onto the galvanised steel using an industrial epoxy-resin based adhesive.

The third and last stage incorporated the installation of galvanised threaded eyebolts into the bollards and linking them with the chain.