Engineering cantilever gates that span up to 6 metres using bolt together sections created a host of problems that Leda-Vannaclip’s design team needed to overcome prior to these gates going into manufacture.

Their major hurdle was simply gravity and the bending/droop that is encountered. At the same time, Leda-Vannaclip wanted to develop a simple gate design using modular sections that could be bolted together on site.
Leda-Vannaclip now has a gate design (providing 3.0, 4.5, and 6.0 metre clear openings) that can be easily transported, taking up only a double pallet space.

This means transport savings of up to thousands of dollars, particularly to rural and country areas.

Once assembled on site, the 12V drive system can be installed and commissioned without the need for electricians. And if no power is available, there is a solar powered bolt-on option to operate the gates.