Dual Leaf Swing Gates from Leda Security Products feature a full steel construction with hollow section mitred and welded into shape. SHS vertical bars are mounted on the inside of the gate frame which has a flat surface. The swing gates are finished with a two pack prime and powder coat, and are hot dipped galvanised.

The dual leaf swing gates drive system features a three phase brake motor, 0.55kW to 1kW, and a 100% duty cycle with adjustable opening and closing speeds. It also has:

  • Proximity switches for position sensing
  • Manual override systems
  • Controlled by a PLC or control board
  • Safety inputs, alarms and strobe lights
  • High speed retracting ability

Leda Security Products can customise swing gates to suit any customer or project specifications. Matching fencing can be provided as can an uninterruptible power supply in case of main power failure. The cabinet can have restricted access for added safety, which can be authorised  by an electrician.