Leda Security Products  recently added to their Securabike range with the new double story bike rack. These double story bike racks feature a bottom level with the standard four position rack, while the top level also has a four position rack, doubling the parking spaces typically available.

Leda’s design was recently changed from a gas assisted arm system to a pull out and drop down shelf system. The advantage of the new design is that cyclists can park a wider variety of bicycles. Leda has also maintained the assisted lift feature for the new double story bike rack, making lifting the top bikes into position easier.

Double story racks have been developed for space poor urban environments. While the racks allow for more bikes per square metre, the aisle width needs to be a little larger than normal, so Leda recommends those considering the rack to talk to their offices about dimensions and layout.

Leda manufacture the range of Securabike bike racks and parking products, more information of which is available from the Leda Security Products website.