Of the estimated 24 billion cigarette butts produced in Australia each year, it is assumed that half are smoked outdoors and 59% then become litter. According to the Cigarette Butt Trust this adds up to 6.8 billion butts entering the environment. Cigarette butts were responsible for 17% of all Clean up Australia’s rubbish collected nationally in 2004.  

The Cig Butt Bin available from Leda-Vannaclip was developed to provide a convenient method of butt disposal for smokers. Cig Butt Bin’s are a cost-effective way of reducing the littering of cigarette butts.  

Now that smoking indoors is banned, smokers are typically asked to smoke in designated areas outside buildings and invariably close to entrances. Wall-mounted Cig Butt Bins can hold up to 600 butts, and may help to prevent the mess caused in these areas.  

Cig Butt Bins have a durable, long-lasting stainless steel finish.   Leda-Vannaclip is the exclusive distributor of the Cig Butt Bin in Australia.