Leda Security Products  provides vehicle access control products which comprises of boom gates, road blockers, tyre spikes and parking space protectors. Leda Security Products offers a wide range of fencing products such as electric fencing, palisade fencing and industrial modular fencing.

Leda Security Products offers electric fencing which is designed, manufactured and installed to relevant Australian and International Standards. The electric fencing administers a short but sharp regulated shock when touched or tampered. Electric fencing system can also monitors and pinpoints intrusion of the fence line by triggering an alarm.

In addition to providing a wide range of perimeter security products, Leda Security Products also offers cost effective electronic solutions to meet various security needs. Leda Security Products can integrate existing systems with a range of perimeter security equipment.

Leda Security Products offers access control systems and closed circuit televisions. Access control systems are designed to permit authorised movement and deny entry to unwanted visitors. Closed circuit television is used for detecting crime to enhance public safety.

Leda Security Products offers a wide range of supporting products with end-to-end solutions which includes designing, specifying, manufacturing, integrating, installing and servicing the complete range of perimeter security products.