According to Optic Fibre & LED Lighting Solutions , to custom manufacture vertically mounted architectural linear LED lighting luminaries as specified by architects the luminaires should contain high output colour changing RGB LEDs and need to be interfaced with or controlled through Dynalite.

Optic Fibre & LED Lighting Solutions manufactured an anodised 100mm x 60mm aluminium extrusion and incorporated colour changing RGB SMD LED ribbon within it as the primary source of light. Opal acrylic was used as the diffusing agent for the luminaire, which created the desired transparency. The luminaire was robust and easy to clean.

Several of the vertical architectural linear strips which were mounted adjacent to each lift door were modified and the LED lighting was split into two sections within each strip, enabling the lift company to control these strips independently for both up and down lift calls.

Fourteen of the 176 strips had the capability to change colour when the lift was called for. As the lift arrived, this feature indicated that the lift was present. The space acquired a contemporary architectural feel and was aesthetically pleasing. The lighting feature was striking when entering the space.