Optic Fibre and LED Lighting  range of lighting systems include Star ceilings, custom chandeliers & Curtains, illuminators, Pool , fibre cable, fibre optic fittings, and end emitting exterior fittings.

Star ceilings include custom star ceilings and LED star ceiling kit. Star ceilings are equipped with a twinkle or color effect that is transmitted through an oscillating wheel. Star ceilings can be installed on any surface and even on pre-designed patterns. The standard fibre size for all star ceilings are 0.75mm fibres.

The star ceiling kits are suitable for small areas and are safe to human touch. The fibre kit contains 150 x 0.75mm optical fibres 2.5m long, 1 x LED light source with inbuilt fade effects, 1 x transformer, and installation instructions.

Custom chandeliers and curtains include fibre optic chandeliers and fibre optic curtains. Fibre optic curtains can be used in various applications. Optic curtains lights up with the use of side sparkle fibre cables. Crystal end fittings are also available along with optic curtains.

Chandelier package contains 1 x 150W metal Halide illuminator, 1 x Recessed chandelier base with pre-installed side sparkle fibre tails, accessories, and installation instructions. Optic chandeliers comes in multiple lengths and sizes.