Innovative Light Systems  specialise in lighting concepts and provide a wide range of lights for residential and commercial sectors. Innovative Light Systems offer lighting products that include LED strip lights, Neon LED rope lights, function lighting, landscape lighting, architectural lighting systems, LED and Neon shop signs, LED recessed wall lights, floor lights and stair lights.

Innovative Light Systems offer a range of interior lights for a variety of applications. The range of interior lights includes Halopin lamps, halogen lamps, dichroic lamps, LED light tubes etc.

Adagio, available from Innovative Light Systems, is a 75 watt Halopin lamp that measures 160 x 450 millimetres in height and diameter respectively. The lamp is available in anodised silver. Another light called Moon is a 300 watt halogen lamp that is available in textured grey, satin nickel and satin gold finishes.

Innovative Light Systems offer a range of dichroic lamps. The MR11 is a 35 watt dichroic lamp that is available in a variety of colours such as black, white, silver, blue, orange and red painted colours. Customised colours are also available to suit individual taste and needs.

Innovative Light Systems also offer a range of LED light tubes that are strong, durable and energy efficient lights. LED light tubes are resistant to impacts and have modular designs, which eliminate maintenance requirements. LED light tubes are available in amber, orange, white, green, blue and red colours.