The Lectros System from Lectros Australia is used for rising damp problem. Rising damp was a major issue at the Launceston Supreme Court. The Lectros Electro Osmotic Rising Damp treatment was installed by Lectros Australia.

The treated walls are bone dry and all parties, (Supreme Court staff, Consulting Engineers –Pitt and Sherry and the builders contracted for this and other upgrade works), are very impressed. Rising damp issues are a major cause of masonry deterioration and hygroscopic salt content is a major contributory factor to sub-florescent decay.

Independent testing of the effects of an applied D.C. current has shown not only a rapid acceleration of the drying process but a proved reduction in salt, (nitrates etc.), content.

Masonry dampness caused by rising damp is not the only issue requiring consideration as reactive salt contents can cause considerable structural damage. The Lectros System not only actively dries masonry but provides an effective desalination method.