Le Messurier OPTIM is a cross laminated timber (CLT) building system offering an alternative to concrete tilt-up. It is particularly suited for medium to high density, multi-storey constructions.

Possessing a number of positive environmental characteristics due to its timber composition, OPTIM impacts positively on carbon storage, has less manufacturing greenhouse gas emissions than non-wood materials, and an overall light environmental footprint than non-wood materials.

The benefits of the prefabricated OPTIM include a quicker construction process, with faster completion times due to the straightforward assembly of the system, increased safety, less demand for skilled workers on site, less waste, and less disruption to the community.

Dry installation and immediate structural integrity is furthermore afforded with this CLT building system.

Flexibility in design is another advantage of Le Messurier’s OPTIM. With large grid-free dimensions, free spans and cantilevers possible, the panels are lightweight, durable, and insulating. It is also a high load bearing material, with a high strength to weight ratio.

Providing the custom designed prefabricated timber building system, Le Messurier Engineered Solutions (the newest addition to the Le Messurier Group) also offers a complete service supporting the system’s implementation through every stage of the building process.

Every element of OPTIM is individually designed and manufactured, and the panels have lengths of 11.5 metres, or up to 20 metres upon request. Widths are 2.2 metres or up to 4.8 metres, while thicknesses are between 51 to 300mm.

The product is made of Spruce Pine, PEFC certified, machine dried, quality graded and finger-jointed. It is bonded by a formaldehyde free polyurethane adhesive or E1 melamine resin.