Le Messurier Timber  stocks a variety of engineered wood products of Carter Holt Harvey and WTI laminated beams. The different types of wood products offered by Le Messurier Timber include hyspan, hyspan H2-S, hyjoist, hychord, hypitch, hypost, hyplank, truform and edgeform. Truform beams are specially designed for structural concrete formwork applications. These beams are ideal for joists, soldiers and bearers.

Edgeform is painted red and used as edge boards in concrete formwork boxing and projects for residential slabs. Edgeform is straight, light and less susceptible to splitting. Hyplank beams are strong and lightweight with scaffold plank. These beams meet the performance requirements of scaffold planks through its defined structural properties and strict quality control processes.

Hyspan from Le Messurier Timber is a structural veneer lumber providing predictable performance in commercial, rural, industrial and industrial construction applications. This product is used for floor joists, beams, lintels and rafters. Hyspan H2-S is similar to hyspan except for the added termite deterrent qualities.

Hyjoist consists of structural plywood web that is light, strong and easy to install. Hychord is manufactured specially for roof truss fabrication industry and are available in long lengths. Hychord is perfect in minimising the unwanted differential deflections between trusses.