Layher  scaffolding decks provides a safe working platform and at the same time enables reinforcing effect wherever required on a scaffold. Steel scaffold deck with its perforated surface is very strong and is used in industrial applications.

Stalu scaffold deck in light aluminium structure and a strong steel cap ensures long life. Robust scaffold deck has a combination of aluminium and wood and its one part design helps for quick assembly and dismantling.

Fipro scaffolding deck is fabricated from glass fibre reinforced plastic and it is 22 per cent lighter than the robust deck. Steel scaffold plank is used for corner solutions and awkward gaps.

Speedyscaf is the leading frame scaffolding for decades and has fast assembly speed with strong and safe this system can be applied for all requirements. Due to its well fabricated parts range speedyscaf can be used both for scaffolding work and for building construction.

Wide range of solutions for temporary access starting from internal stairs in scaffolding to stairway towers for places of assembly and public areas and places can be proved by Layher.