Lawn Solutions Australia (LSA) has launched an industry-first accreditation process, setting a new standard for best practice in the Australian turf industry.

The accreditation system raises the bar for all turf growers in the LSA group, ensuring they adhere to the same stringent, nationally endorsed standards. The process will be subject to continuous review and improvement, and all LSA growers will be audited on an ongoing basis to ensure compliance.

Lawn Solutions Australia Business Manager, Simon Adermann explains that the accreditation process extends to all areas of their members’ businesses, including OHS, site environmental controls, product quality, delivery and installation, training and in-house business systems. 

Rigorous training will be imparted to everyone from the guy who grows the turf to the driver delivering it to meet these standards, and to ensure that all growers meet the formal quality assurances many customers now expect from their suppliers.

The Lawn Solutions Australia group will be formally launched at this year’s Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show, March 26-30. The hand-picked group comprises of 40 of Australia’s best turf suppliers, all existing Sir Walter growers who will market a uniformly branded range of turf products and after-sales, value-add services.

The Lawn Solutions Australia ‘house of brands’ includes Sir Walter soft-leaf buffalo; Eureka Kikuyu; Nullarbor Couch; Platinum Zoysia; and RTF Fescue.

According to Simon Adermann, the formation of LSA will simplify the process for commercial customers to specify and tender out supply contracts, particularly national or state-wide contracts. By dealing with LSA, the customer can specify the same branded turf product across Australia and get consistent results with the best variety to suit local conditions.

LSA is also committed to researching and introducing new varieties under its brand hierarchy, having entered into exclusive arrangements with the world’s leading turf breeders and research facilities, including Texas A&M University and the University of Georgia in the United States.