Lauxes Grates announces a new partnership with the Gold Coast Titans for the next three years.

One of the most versatile and exclusive manufacturers of anodised aluminium floor grate systems in Australia and New Zealand, Lauxes Grates offers their products through a countrywide network of over 1400 retail stores.

The award-winning business has quickly become a household name in the construction industry and is synonymous with innovation and adaptability. The partnership with Gold Coast Titans will take the Lauxes Grates brand to the next level as they connect with their audience, bring awareness and build an even stronger relationship with several loyal customers (many of whom are die-hard NRL fans).

Lauxes Grates continues to strive to share their values and ultimately have a positive impact within the organisation and the greater community.

Interestingly, the company started their business on the Gold Coast a decade ago, making it their base of operations. The partnership with the Gold Coast’s very own Titans is, therefore, a proud moment for Lauxes Grates.

Lauxes Grates CEO Tim Dawson, who has been a Titans supporter for several years, said, “This partnership aligns with the vision and future of Lauxes Grates, to reach new audiences through our mutual enjoyment of sport and collectively align our company on similar values and team culture to that of the Titans.”

“Looking forward to sharing the growth and successes together.”