Latham Australia  offers three different types of neoprene-X-pansion products such as loc strip, tile strip and dividing strip. Latham neoprene-X-pansion loc strip and tile control joints are cost effective pavement control system and easy to install. These loc strips do not leave any mess and provides a vandal resistant, maintenance free and attractive permanent accommodating movement.

Each loc strip is manufactured under strict controlled conditions using quality zinc, brass, stainless steel, aluminium and brass bonded to an air channelled neoprene core. These loc strips are specially designed for installation in architectural and ornamental hard paving to control opening of floor joints during contraction and expansion.

Neoprene-X-pansion tile strips from Latham Australia should be installed in floor bays at all stress points, particularly in isolate columns, escalators, lift wells, floor perimeters and across door openings.

Dividing strips manufactured by Latham Australia are made of brass, rebonite and zinc in standard length of 1800mm. Dividing strips are designed and prepared for laying in L-section and deep taper loc section. The rebonite dividing strips in terrazzo and exposed aggregate paving are used in government institutions, city office buildings, large hospitals, shopping complexes and department stores.