The expansion joint covers offered by Latham Australia are designed to permit multi-directional continuous six-way movement. This ensures a long lasting stable joining system without any troubles. The joint covers can be moved easily both vertically and horizontally in shear without causing any damage to the surrounding paving and concrete. It also deforms the cover plate and shears the screws by holding the cover plate.

Flexible joint covers from Latham Australia can be fabricated to any size or required joint movement to suit variety of projects. The optional fire barriers and water gutters form a part of the trouble-free jointing system. The mechanical expansion joint covers can be used for walls, floors, roof installations and ceilings. Joint covers are available in aluminium, stainless steel and brass finish.

Latham Australia provides a large range of moulded and extruded rubber guards, rubber loading dock bumpers, marine fenders, corner guards, extruded door guards and wall protection systems. Laminated dock bumpers project a modern design and gives maximum protection for trucks, cargos and docks. These dock bumpers are tested to absorb 80% of impact force and are available in horizontal and vertical bumper.