Particles of crystalline silica, generated during activities such as stone cutting, sawing, grinding, drilling, or crushing, can pose a risk to lung health. Crystalline silica is naturally present in all clay, granite, quartz and sandstone materials, and inhalation of dust containing silica particles can cause silicosis and other chronic respiratory diseases.

In response to the new health regulations in place in many countries around the world, Lapitec has patented a mineral formula for a material that is entirely free of crystalline silica.

Called Biorite, the material is completely 'silica-free' and safe for fabricators, installers and anyone mechanically processing the material.

After committing to eliminating crystalline silica from its product range in 2021, Lapitec was able to extend the silica-free feature across its entire collection of sintered stone surfaces in 2022.

Composed of a mixture of 100% natural minerals and already free of resins, digital prints and other petroleum derivatives, the Lapitec family of sintered stone surfaces has obtained certification for being entirely free of crystalline silica, achieving an additional objective in terms of sustainability and safety, without sacrificing any of its performance characteristics.

Lapitec is currently used all over the world for architectural, interior and product design projects, in facades, floors, swimming pools, kitchens, bathrooms, yachts and much more.

Image: Colour and finish – Bianco Pandora Satin