The name Salt Water Creek says it all, and sourcing a 34m x 3m single span pedestrian bridge impervious to corrosion left Cairns Regional Council with few alternatives.

Anodised aluminium is highly corrosion resistant and PML aluminium bridges from Landmark Products provide an ideal long-term solution in marine or other corrosive environments. Unlike timber and steel, PML aluminium bridges require no anti-corrosion protective coating, helping to reduce or even eliminate long term maintenance costs.

Lightweight aluminium is also an ideal material for difficult or environmentally sensitive sites that experience access and installation constraints. Cassowary Coast Regional Council has successfully installed two 18.6m x 2.5m PML aluminium ‘L-System’ pedestrian bridges at Mission Beach. The bridge site is approximately 1km from the ocean and, whilst it is protected by trees, aluminium was selected to eliminate the possibility of corrosion.

Landmark Products has also recently installed PML aluminium bridges for Lockyer Valley Regional Council at Laidley, Whitsunday Regional Council at Cannonvale, and for Blacktown City Council. In all instances aluminium presented the most cost effective solution for longer spans, ease of installation, or savings in long-term maintenance costs.