Landmark Products  are known for their quality, durability, safety, and ease of installation and maintenance. In response to client demand Landmark Products have rolled out Landmark park BBQs which meets clients’ requirements. The Landmark KB100 and KB200 Eco BBQ ranges are manufactured to high specifications by Australian manufacturers.

The Landmark KB200 Eco BBQ range offers patented technology in a range of standard and customised designs. The Landmark KB200 Eco BBQ range tested to be efficient and offers unrivalled quality.

Following are the features of Landmark KB200 Eco BBQ ranges:

  • Off-button
  • Thermal gasket to prevent cool airflow to the underside of the cook plate and heat transfer to the bench top
  • Electronic Temperature Control
  • Low 10A power requirement

For sturdy, reliable and proven efficiency the proprietary Landmark KB100 BBQ range meets all Australian standards. KB100 BBQs are specifically designed for use in public areas and to address relevant issues of public safety, maintenance, ease of use and hygiene.