Landmark Products  and PML Light Constructions have aligned in a partnership to bring pedestrian bridges, which incorporate German design and engineering, capable of clear spans longer than 70m.

The use of aluminium in pedestrian bridge construction significantly reduces long term maintenance costs. Light weight and highly corrosion resistant, aluminium is also an ideal material for use in coastal and other corrosive locations, or difficult or environmentally sensitive sites where access requires a light weight solution.

European studies have proven that aluminium structures are price competitive when taking into account the savings in installation and maintenance - or whole of life cost - compared to traditional materials, which require ongoing maintenance.

Using superior engineering design and proprietary components, PML Light Constructions have been able to reduce the material content of their foot bridges while maintaining the required strength.

Due to its light weight and proprietary components, installing a PML aluminium bridge is a quick process, with associated benefits including reduced road or rail closure times; minimal disruption to the environment and the public; and significantly reduced costs.