Lampart Australia  offer a comprehensive range of professional lighting products such as ceiling lights, floor lights, table lights, wall lights and chandeliers. Over the past few years, Lampart Australia have expanded its product range by adding many lighting products. Lighting products have been developed both locally and imported from overseas. Lampart Australia have over 20 years of experience in the commercial lighting sector and have undertaken a number of turnkey projects in conjunction with architects, lighting consultants and specifiers.

Lampart Australia offer a wide range of domestic and commercial lighting products. The range of domestic lighting includes wall lights, shop lighters, recessed lights, high bay lights, slim track lights, exterior lights, street lights, exterior wall lights and emergency lights. Flexi Track, 240v Track System, Frudo series, Slotter series, Oysters and Lars series are some of the range of lights offered by Lampart Australia.

Lampart Australia supply a wide range of ceiling lights. Ceiling lamps are available in 10, 20 and 50 watts. 1239/1+360 lamp is a 50-watt ceiling light and measure 230 and 300 millimetres in length and height respectively. 1239/2+360 lamp is also a 50-watt light and measures 540 and 320 millimetres in length and height respectively.