Laminex has manufactured melamine coated particleboards which are ideal for making cabinets, wardrobes, draws and shelving as they have a clean white surface. Whiteboard melamine coated particleboards are cost effective and high quality with a white melamine surface bonded to both sides for extra strength and durability.

Whiteboard is non-porous making it naturally resistant to moisture and the growth of mould and bacteria. As the boards are pre-decorated, cutting, drilling and edging can be done directly to the Whiteboard making cabinetry easier and quicker than standards products.

A wide range of sheet sizes and options are available including pre-edged for shelving and high moisture resistance for vanities and laundry cabinets. Moisture resistance has been tested by Wet Cyclic Test and complies to Australian Standards AS 1859.1.

Whiteboard melamine coated particleboards are also environmentally friendly and a recommended environmental choice as certified by Good Environmental Choice Australia.