The Trade Essentials range from Laminex offers a large range of wood panelling products aimed at specifiers, architects, builders and trade professionals.

The most recent additions to the Specialty Board range include:

  • Litecraft
  • Strandboard
  • Strandfloor; and
  • Triboard

These products are available in high density, pinnable and lite varieties, further expanding the existing range to offer environmentally preferable solutions in structural and non-structural applications.

Chris Knight, Marketing Manager, Trade Essentials, explained that the new products in the Trade Essentials range provide specialty solutions for a variety of applications, including commercial tables, workstation partitions, wall and ceiling linings, office screens and flooring, essentially providing trade and design professionals with innovative new options for their projects.

“The latest range of Trade Essentials specialty board products is a result of Laminex's commitment to expanding its offer of environmentally preferable products, driven through its close collaboration with the Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA). This means that trade and design professionals can be confident in achieving valuable Green Star credits for their projects,” Knight said.

Litecraft is a self-supporting pinnable substrate that helps to save time and money. The low density panel is light and easy to handle, and with its self-supporting structure it eliminates the need for additional fabrication materials in the manufacture of office screens and partitions.

Strandboard is constructed from large timber flakes bonded together with no added formaldehyde resins. Its robustness makes it suitable for a wide range of building and furniture joinery applications, and with a characteristic random wood strand surface, Strandboard is aesthetic appealing when polished, washed or raw. 

Strandfloor is a smart solution for commercial and residential flooring. It is bonded together with no added formaldehyde resins and is made up of large timber flakes that are randomly layered for an attractive flooring solution. It is manufactured with a polypropylene tongue and groove system for easy installation and is available in two additional treatment possibilities, providing resistance to insect attack (Termite Treated) or both fungal decay and insect attack (H3 Treated).

Triboard is an innovative building product with outstanding strength. Its unique three-layered structure consists of a Strandboard sandwiched between Fibreboard skins, resulting in a smooth outer surface and strong inner core. Triboard is available in High Density (HD), Pinnable or Lite varieties featuring individual performance properties ideal for applications from workstation partitions to commercial tables. 

These latest additions to the Trade Essentials specialty board range have all been sourced from responsibly managed forests and carry FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certification.