The new Silk Finish range of decors from Laminex features two of the hottest interior trends for 2013, also extending the total offering of contemporary decors to 23.

The four new Laminex Silk Finish decors in greys and neutrals offer a rich, smooth melamine finish to create opulent interiors. The easy-to-clean panels assure long-term durability.

The gloss decorated panels of Laminex Silk Finish include Paper Bark, Avignon Walnut, Washboard and Brescia, inspiring designers and specifiers to combine the latest interior looks with the elegant finish of gloss. 

Laminex Marketing Manager, Joanna Baker observes that the new Laminex Silk Finish decors along with their gloss finish are key trends shaping the interior design landscape for 2013 and deliver a striking, opulent style for hotels, restaurants and retail fitouts.

Suitable for vertical applications such as doors, drawers and panels, all 23 decors in the Laminex Silk Finish range come with matching gloss ABS edging for effortlessly stylish colour schemes.

Paper Bark

Paper Bark is a greyed beige panel that pairs beautifully with grey-brown woods and patterns to create harmonious colour combinations.

Avignon Walnut

A traditional walnut structure of subdued figuring, Avignon Walnut yields a gentle woodgrain that blends well with other materials. The natural colour of light walnut has been gently nudged in the grey beige direction to give a contemporary twist.


Washboard is a classic beech grain that uses a heartwood-sapwood contrast to give character, and is deliberately colour styled to represent washed wood that perfectly fits the greying of the warm palette.


Brescia uses an interesting mix of warm and cool greys that overall gives the impression of dark beige, appearing as blackened reconstituted veneer from a distance but revealing a crisp pinstripe up close.