Laminex Timber Veneers has the aesthetic appeal of natural timber. Thin layers of timber veneers are factory bonded to both sides of Laminex Craftwood or Particleboard. They offer the look of timber with the versatility, machinability and strength of Craftwood or Particleboard substrates.

Laminex Timber Veneer Panels are usually available with two good sides or with a downgrade or BAMO back. Laminex Timber Veneered panels are ideal for all detail joinery, furniture, feature walls, shelving and kitchens and commercial projects. The thermal conductivity varies with thickness and the usual range is 0.05 to 0.08 kcal/(m².Sec. °C)

Dimensional Stability

  • Length - 0.4%
  • Thickness - 5.0% with changes from 35%
  • Relative Humidity to 85%
  • Relative Humidity (relative to datum point of 65% relative humidity).
The Laminex Group offers these variations in its Timber Veneer panel range:
  • Natural Timber Veneer Panels which offer a classic timber look
  • FSC Veneer Panels – This is an environmentally preferable range of classic Timber veneers and Harmony retoned Veneer panels with Forest Stewardship certification contributing to Greenstar credits.
  • Designer Timber Veneer Panels – These are reconstructed and retoned veneers that deliver a modern and consistent effect with the look of timber veneer