Laminex recently unveiled its 2016 Colour Palette update featuring twenty new design-leading decors aligned with the latest global trends and local insights. The update also includes improved post-forming capability for tight benchtop edges and proven Protec+ antimicrobial technology for enhanced hygiene performance.

Laminex Marketing Manager Joanna Baker observes that the way people are using their spaces is changing and there is an increasing demand for a higher level of functionality that doesn’t dilute their expectations of striking good looks.

According to Joanna, the new additions to their 2016 Colour Palette are based on insights gleaned from their customers with the innovations designed to help them achieve both looks and functionality in their decor choices.

The Protec+ hygiene

A new innovation in Laminex’s core benchtop laminates range is the inclusion of Protec+, a proven antimicrobial technology that inhibits the growth of bacteria and fungus on surfaces, giving protection against microbes both in the home and in commercial applications.

Joanna explains that consumers insist on the hygiene factor, both in residential and commercial spaces. Research shows that cleanability and hygiene rate highly on the list of decision-making criteria for new kitchen surfaces, not only at home but also in schools, cafes, hospitals and sports clubs.

From October, Protec+ will be standard across the full decor range of Laminex branded laminates within the Colour Palette and Squareform ranges in Natural finish, and Impressions textured surfaces in Spark and Nuance finish.

20 new design-leading decors

Laminex has added nineteen new decors to the Colour Palette range in addition to one decor exclusive to Laminex DiamondGloss surfaces. According to Joanna, the Laminex design team chose each decor through an extensive global colour selection process combined with local research, to help their customers bring leading trends to life. The new decors include warm woodgrains, veined stone and greys suitable for residential and commercial spaces.

Stone-like benchtops

Laminex has introduced a new range of benchtops that look like stone but offer the affordability of laminate. Recent product advances in Laminex’s core laminate and Impressions Spark and Nuance finish range allow fabricators to achieve a much tighter-edge angle, replicating the look of a stone slab at a fraction of the price.