Laminex has introduced an innovative antimicrobial surface technology that is now integrated as standard into a wide range of surface materials, ensuring hygiene in interior spaces.

Designing for hygiene with Laminex Protec+

The ongoing global pandemic is a compelling reason for maintaining hygiene in interior spaces, especially high-touch surfaces exposed to contamination or infection. Protec+ is an antimicrobial surface technology that is now manufactured as standard into select Laminex high pressure laminates (HPL) including AbsoluteMatte HPL, as well as Laminex Multipurpose Compact Laminate and Laminex Aquapanel. The additives that make up Protec+ inhibit the growth of bacteria, fungus and mould, thereby, mitigating the risk of potential contamination.

Laminex Protec+ for hygiene-sensitive settings

Protec+ is completely integrated into these laminate products, allowing designers to take full advantage of the comprehensive range of decors in the Laminex Colour Collection, while ensuring that the spaces they design will be imbued with that extra layer of hygiene protection.

Laminex laminates protected by Protec+ are recommended for use in hygiene-sensitive settings such as hospitals and aged care facilities, schools, offices, sports clubs, retail stores, restaurants, cafes and homes. The highly versatile range finds application across different settings and environments. Laminex HPL, for example, will bring the benefits of Protec+ to horizontal surfaces including benchtops, reception counters, desks and tables, while Laminex Multipurpose Compact Laminate and Laminex Aquapanel will extend the protection to toilet and shower cubicles, office furniture, partitions and wall panelling.

Engineered for resilience

By standardising the inclusion of Protec+ in these products, Laminex highlights the inherent advantage of laminate as an engineered surface material that can be constantly refined and improved to meet the changing needs of designers, fabricators and end users. Ongoing production innovation helps Laminex deliver laminates that are ever more resilient, with greater durability, workability, sustainability and now, hygiene protection.

Silver ion additives, the active ingredients in Protec+, are mixed with the resin used to produce the laminate, ensuring complete integration into the finished product and eliminating the risk of being wiped away or getting depleted. As a result, Protec+ continues to provide the same level of protection for the life of the product, and this is supported by a 7-year warranty.

The Protec+ technology has been independently tested to the most rigorous industry standards for antimicrobial and antifungal performance, including ISO22196:2011, JIS Z2801 and ASTM G21. It has also been certified as food-contact safe, making it an ideal match for use in both commercial and residential kitchens.

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Hudson Project by IA Design | Lockers: Laminex Gun Metal features Protec+ & Wall Panelling: Laminex Seasoned Oak | Photography: Alanna Jayne McTiernan

Axil Coffee Roasters by ST Style | Tabletops: Laminex Black featuring Protec+ & Wall Panelling: Laminex Bayleaf | Photography: Michael Woods