Kurz Australia  provides effective service in providing standard quality foils produced at a high processing speed. Kurz Australia manufactures foils with different properties including its contour sharpness, release, temperature, adhesion, gloss, freedom from dust and many more.

Kurz Australia provides suitable foil packaging systems that are adapted to offer high performance stamping machines, designed to meet quality standards with maximum length rolls. The technical support at Kurz Australia is a merge of HINDERER + MÜHLICH, part of KURZ Group.

All the foils manufactured at Kurz Australia are checked with the quality management system based on DIN EN ISO 9001. Kurz Australia provides regular internal audits and a continuous improvement process (CIP) are used to ensure the quality of every product. Thus the consistency of every foil properties is maintained at Kurz Australia.

Customers or Kurz Australia are benefited from a large system of quality foil, storage, production planning, packaging and shipping business. Kurz Australia employees qualified professional technicians to support operators in enhancing their business production. Kurz Australia provides effective stamping trials used to determine the optimum foil for their application. Customers can also get a foil sample piece with technical support for their new projects.