Kory Dubay Manufacturing Aust  provides different types of unique furnishing designs ideal for domestic application. The various designs include a standard thermofoil plain faced design where materials used are fine texture and timbergrain. It is also available in satin and printed timbergrain.

Kory Dubay Manufacturing Aust designs federation design models using texture and timbergrain. It can be used as selection of edge profile and all face profile with a bolection mould. High gloss plain face design is also designed by Kory Dubay Manufacturing Aust. It is plain, timbergrain and prints. It is available in high gloss plain colour range and printed timbergrain.

Kory Dubay Manufacturing Aust also designs veneer solid panel designs with selected natural timber products. Customers can also fin d personal expression designs categorised under accent designs. As for the AGOFORM decorative laminate designs from Kory Dubay Manufacturing Aust. Equipment from Kory Dubay Manufacturing Aust includes Almex membranes.

Products developed by Kory Dubay Manufacturing Aust are certified with quality management with an international standard of AS/NZS ISO 9001. One Touch from Kory Dubay Manufacturing Aust is created using the latest technology that gives strength and straightness of products.