Adelaide-based Korvest Galvanisers works with their customers every step of the way to ensure the best possible galvanising outcomes in their projects.

According to Korvest Galvanisers Technical Manager Peter Freeth, the most glowing endorsement came earlier this year when he fielded a call from a Perth-based engineering business that wanted to send its steelwork to Korvest for galvanising.

Though he was glad to accept the work, Mr Freeth was surprised the customer wanted to ship it all the way over to Adelaide. Quality assurance was the reason the customer sought out Korvest’s services.

Korvest Galvanisers’ superior customer service is best exemplified by the work it carried out on Adelaide’s recent rail electrification project, completed in late 2013.

According to Korvest Galvanisers’ General Manager Steven Evans, the company played a key role as a genuine partner, getting involved from the beginning to help the customer overcome various challenges during the project.

According to Mr Evans, the rail electrification project involving the galvanising of some 1,500 tonnes of steel for the mast structures was an excellent example of teamwork, with Korvest Galvanisers getting involved at the tendering stage.

Korvest sat down with the customer to jointly draw up the specifications that would deliver the long-term corrosion warranty demanded by the project. Once the tender was awarded, Korvest also attended a number of pre-fabrication meetings and made design recommendations to ensure that the best possible galvanising outcomes were realised.

This included altering the design to allow the steel members to fit into Korvest’s galvanising bath, the longest and widest in SA, and achieve cost and time efficiencies in addition to advising the customer on the size and shape of various components and the placement of drain and vent holes.

Korvest remained involved in the project until their customers, managing contractor Laing O’Rourke and steel fabricator Manuele Engineers, handed over the completed project to the South Australian Government’s Department of Planning Transport and Infrastructure.

Korvest Galvanisers also worked with Laing O’Rourke and Manuele Engineers to conduct daily quality checks and attend to all the compliance requirements to ensure that the project was delivered on time and to the exacting specifications.

With ISO 1401 (quality systems), ISO 1801 (environmental) and ISO 1800 (safety) accreditation, the company also offers the only centrifugal galvanising service in SA. The entire process is PLC-controlled, ensuring that the same consistent quality is achieved repeatedly. Korvest receives a lot of local and interstate componentry work ranging from base plates and washers to threaded rods, threaded bolts, hold-down bolts and U-bolts.

Mr Evans says Korvest’s 14m bath, the longest in Australia, allows them to tackle larger projects that competitors cannot.

He adds that Korvest Galvanisers’ commitment to partnering with their customers, offering a service way beyond that of a mere supplier and delivering on the promise of superior quality outcomes, positions the company as an industry leader.