World-leading crane construction and maintenance specialist, Konecranes announces a new crane designed to bring customers, especially in emerging markets, greater cost efficiency and ease of maintenance.

Konecranes’ new CXT UNO is a high quality, highly economical wire rope hoist suitable for lifting tasks up to 10t in manufacturing, materials handling and other light lifting applications in warehouses, assembly lines and factories.

Mr John Bailey, General Manager, Service Development, Konecranes SE Asia Pacific explains that the new CXT UNO is based on the proven and high quality Konecranes CXT hoist, and incorporates the latest slimline components. Konecranes has designed the new crane by selecting only the essential features and core components of the robust CXT technology.

The proven technology of Konecranes’ CXT hoist brings the highest of safety and reliability to working processes while its excellent design and approach dimensions allow for efficient use of space under the crane.

According to Mr Bailey, CXT UNO cranes combine a simple design with fast service response and quick spare parts delivery, helping to minimise downtime and improve ease of maintenance. Benefits also include a clean configuration with easy component access, and simple construction for reliable performance.

Konecranes provides the assurance of full care for the total life of all the cranes sold by the company; as the leading crane maintenance organisation in the world, Konecranes is also able to provide service inspections as required.

Key features and benefits of Konecranes’ CXT cranes include easy and effective load control for improved productivity; fast and accurate load positioning with a large rope drum diameter and a short drum length minimising the horizontal travel of the hook during lowering; space-saving design with excellent hook approaches at both ends allowing the crane to go closer to the walls and lift the load higher; and adjustment-free and dustproof hoisting brake designed for the hoist’s lifetime and lasting 1 million+ brakings without adjustment.

Konecranes South East Asia Pacific (Konecranes SEAP) serves the markets of Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Australia and New Zealand.